Advance Bartending Course
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Introduction of bar & beverage industry
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Flair Bartending Course
Flair Bartending Course
Working flair, Exhibition flair
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Wine Course
Wine course
How is wine produced?
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Hospitality Financial Management
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food and beverage management
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A-Advance bartending course - duration-4 month (3days in a week)

  • Introduction –how it all began
  • Introduction of bar and beverage industry
  • Beverage classification
  • Bar setup And Equipment
  • Bar Sanitation, Personal Hygiene
  • Bar Etiquettes And Bar Acrobatic
  • Fruit Cutting And Garnishes
  • Mixology
  • Profit Pouring And Speed Technique
  • Different liqueurs And Their Histories
  • Basic Of Spirits, Beer And Wines
  • Brands Of The World
  • Basic Understanding Of Wine And Difference Between Then
  • Wine Sales And Services
  • Bar inventory and control system
  • Customer Services
  • Personality Development And Effective Communication Skill
  • Bar hygiene ,safety and sanitation
Test (Theory and Practicles)