Advance Bartending Course
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Introduction of bar & beverage industry
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Flair Bartending Course
Flair Bartending Course
Working flair, Exhibition flair
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Wine Course
Wine course
How is wine produced?
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Hospitality Financial Management
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food and beverage management
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Welcome to Indain Professional Bartending Academy.

Pune & Mumbai

Established by the International Experience Professional Bartender .

IPBA mumbai/Pune offers you various courses , training and workshops that cover wide range of knowledge and practical application.The Academy provides bar & beverage and wine education , training services in India, addressing the hospitality industry, for the consumer and the hospitality student and individual. IPBA offers a wide range of program for beverage appreciation and enjoyment for individuals and customized offerings for students, individual, marketing personnel.

IPBA and Indian wine school which also specializes in bar designing, bar interiors, menu designing, bar management consultancies, training- soft and technical skills, food safety, hospitality financial accounting, controlling, human resource development, flair bar-tending, theme parties, pub promotions, launches - liquor / product / bar, bar products, celebrity bar-tenders, seminars, bar competitions and awards, beverage catering, event designing, planning and management, cocktail and ingredient resources. Pratical application of How to make great cocktails, taste wine, whisky and other beverages from all around the world.